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From these pages you will see some of the pictures taken by our members. Some might seen very 'amateur' even by astrophotography standards, but they cover the whole spectrum of work done by the membership of the society.

*** Special: member Pam Puckering has sent us some of her own creations. The paintings (all 4 of them) can be found on this page (click here!) ***

Atmospheric effects

Page 1 Comets & Asteroids

Page 1 (C/2003 K4 Linear, C/2004 Q1 Tucker, 9P/Tempel 1)

Page 2 (C/2002 T7 Linear, C/2001 Q4 Neat, Psyche, Parthenope)

Page 3 (C/2004 Q2 Macholtz)

Page 4 (C/2006 A1 Pojanski, C/2006 M4 Swan, 17P Holmes)

Page 5 (C/2003 T4 Linear, 78P/Gehrels)


Conjunctions   Page 1

Moon   Page 1

Planets   Mercury  Venus  Mars  Jupiter  Saturn  Uranus/Neptune/Pluto

Sun - transits and eclipses   Page 1

Constellations   Page 1


Galactic Centre   Page 1


Messier and deep sky objects

Page 1 (M27 - M35 - M51)

Page 2 (M31 - M33/M44/M45)

Page 3 (M42 - M81 - M82)

Page 4 (M64/65/66 - M84/86/87 - M101 - The Owl Nebula)

Page 5 (Perseus Double Cluster - M39)

Page 6 (M1, M3, M13)

Page 7 (3 Mag 15 galaxies, California Nebula, Coma Cluster, Crescent Nebula,Eastern Veil Nebula, Horsehead and Flame Nebula, Leo Tripet)

Page 8 (NGC2903, NGC4565, NGC4565, Orion's Belt, Rosetta Nebula, Thors Helmet Nebula, Whirlpool Galaxy)

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