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Nebula is the society's (nearly !!) quarterly newsletter.

Current editor: David Sellers

Nebula contains information on forthcoming meetings, news and notices, as well as reports from members of the society, and articles relating to astronomical subjects.

It is now available also free of charge to the public as PDF files.  The first issue was published in 2002.  Before that, only the paper version existed.

Typical Contents:

  • Administrative notices - meeting dates, committee members and officers, fees etc.
  • President's Piece - a note from the president of the society, concerning events in the society, future possibilities, etc.
  • Member articles - the number of these depends on what is submitted, but taking the first issue of 2002 as an example, there were four articles, ranging from the book review that can be found on this site (go to "Society Activities"), to observation reports and members experiences with CCD imaging.
  • Other news - including announcements of events, and more official items like the "LAS Annual Account" and "AGM Report."



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